Company Introduction

Logistics India is a consultancy company specialising in logistics and supply chain solutions in India. Due to size, diversity, languages, infrastructure, levels of development and many other reasons, finding a supply chain solution in India can be challenging. In Logistics India, with a team of experienced associates located in major cities, we have a very good understanding of the market. With this knowledge and our experiences we can design a local or national supply chain solution, to meet the very demanding requirements of today.

Our team’s experience and expertise covers all aspects of the supply chain, from end to end, across majority of the sectors. We are experienced at managing operations from the supervisory level to the board room. Therefore, we have the expertise to work on a range of projects - from those requiring long term strategy to those requiring practical operational solutions today.

We will work alongside customers teams, as for the duration of the project, we are their team. Or we will work on our own with regular feedback.

Key to our success, is success of our customers. Therefore, we have to ensure that the work we do, adds value to our customers business.

Our Services


Using our experience of India, we will work with you to formulate your supply chain strategy to achieve your goals. With depth of understanding of the market place, we will plot the road map with key milestones... (more)

Our Strengths


At Logistics India, our strength is our experiences. Over many years, both in India and Europe, we have delivered what we offer. We are not a desktop consultancy. We are experienced in managing... (more)

Our Experiences


Managed operations for national top tier retailers, covering various product groups, including short life temperature controlled and frozen products. Also, designed and implemented a green field... (more)